Tuesday, April 5, 2011

La Novia de Papa: One Spanish Book

Ok ,,,,

What do I have to say about this book? I hated its guts but I kept reading anyway. Why? because it has a good Spanish level , that teaches me a new word in each page , but it does ot get me overwhelmed with the dictionary all the time.

Why did not I like it? Because it too Spanish for me ,,, you know , the way Spanish people live their life , the Priority they give to drinking and partying which makes starting a family a very huge sacrifice that they go explaingin in each and every page of the book!! If you are too lazy to start a family , why bother? just stay with your cup in your hand and your elbows to tha bar and thats it!!

What else ,,, The protagonist was so in love with her divorced with 2 kids boy friend. She was so blinded , he made her raise his children , fight his battles , and clean his house. He got a maid for free and she calls it love! When she got pregnant he just said that he hates baby shopping , and so a pregnant woman had to bear all the stuff she bought by herself ... he was not there in many occasions ,,, he was always pardoned because of love and that was way toooo disgusting for me!!

Why , just why on Gods earth would an independent woman give away her selfish life ,to raise two children who are not hers and worry about it? Why would any woman accept that her boyfriends ex would call her and spoil her day just for the sake of it!!!

I just realized that I went on reading this book because I look for trouble and fights!!! It made me mad ,, I wanted to take many characters from the lines and smash their ugly faces ... ahhhhh

Maybe it was a good book! At least its the first Spanish book that I borrow from a library and actually read it until the last page!

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