Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A visit to Albayzin after all that time

After all that time of going to the Mosque in Albayzin neighborhood , and after all those days that I spent there in those mazes of streets today I got to visit the neighborhood with Mari Carmen the guide and teacher from CLM -Languages Center- .

She told us a lot of things and here am gonna point out some of them.

El Paseo de los Tristes:

This street's name means: The passage of the sad. I walked there a million times before , I sat on the wall by the r
iver holding my head up to see Alhambra ~sigh~ and the name always sounded so personal to me : its wear I sit and sigh thinking about my ancestors. The actual name came from the times when the path to the cemetery passed through this street , and people passed crying.

The f
y is that the name that everybody knows is not the official name. The street's official name is Padre Manjon , who was a priest and the first to start a school for gypsys , not only that but he started with teaching girls!!

The owner of this house placed a plaque with the colloquial name of the street and his house number hehehehehe (typical Grandian humor)

Now the story of this house ... Look at the picture , it seems like a balcony blocked with rocks. It was the house of Zafra , the prime minister in the time of the Catholic Kings , Fernando and Isabel. His daughter used to live in this house , and when he knew that she had a relationship with a guy from a lower social level he held her prisoner in that house. He even built two walls and pressed her between them so she would die painfully and slowly.

The daughter yelled: Pero Justicia Padre >> Justice Dad , and he said: Espera la justicia del cielo porque en este mundo no hay justicia por lo que has hecho con mi honor >> Wait for heavens justice , because in this world there is not any justice that recompensates what you have done to my honor.

The girls in the group were gasping in disbelief ,saying what a monster was Zafra to do that to his own daughter. I could not help but smile ,,,,I thought of all the girls who faced similar destiny in my country , not in 1520 but now adays because they had sex without getting married.

It is not that I accept this act by any means , but what makes me suck , that my society keeps saying they punish those girls because they committed a sin! They dont go after the boys who took part in the sin , and they dont follow Gods guidelines , they dont treat the sin as any other sin which God pardons if the sinner repents. But the fact they dont give a shit about religion , its just a matter of their stupid HONOR ...

And I dont accept the sexual mess people are living here , but how did they get here? Sex was a big Tabu , was prohibited , was not a matter that can be discussed , religion said sex is evil , sexual encounters are works of the devil , and what happened at the end? a sexual explosion and a bad fame for religion .... why does religion look bad always?!

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