Thursday, April 21, 2011

Negra Sombra: A Tv moment

Tonight after i came back from the procession I sat to watch Cuentame -my best Spanish Tv show of all times- and in this episode Grandma Pura the mother of Antonio dies.

Grnadma pura was a very unpleasant person , who always had a different logic ,,, reasonable but different , and her character always tended to piss me but when she died calling the names of all her children who were killed i the Spanish civil war I got the chills ,,, In he background they played this song "Negra Sombra". The Black Shadow ,,, its a song in galician language that speaks about nostalgy , sadnees , missing ,, a very very sad song in the very touching galician language played along with the scene of death ,, they got me crying in front of a Tv.

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