Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dani Rovira: When Comedy gets you thinking

I hope I can translate this video to fine English or fine Arabic ... Its hilarious, I laughed so hard in all the ten times I repeated it.

Dani Rovira is a Spanish humorist from Malaga , he is andalusi accent is one of his numerous characteristics ,,, his ability to talk too fast , to not laugh at what he is saying , to talk naturally and to see usual things through a very unusual perspective.

In this monologue he talked about waning to have a kid,, he was so serious that we believed him, he touched my feelings really and I thought: "Maybe the most ironic guys have usual paternity instinct too" .. But he fooled us , he was saying so to prove how kids are evil and that he cant stand them.

Now away from the humor ambient its just sad ... This is a modern way of thinking , it is not as simple as "Children are evil" , but its way beyond that , its an egocentric and selfish way of considering life , people turn 35 and 40 and still they did not think about getting a fixed partner or have children ,,, It is not only a thing that I see on TV ,but I have actual friends who live life this way ad they wanna go on living it this way.

The sad thing that this "perspective" is being conveyed to the east , now there are a lot of people in Jordan who wanna live there life this way. It is not that I am saying its bad or something , who am I anyway to judge , but who will take care of the planet , of the miracle of life if everyone is gonna take care of his /her life and nothing more? for me I think I wanna be married with a kid in ten years , before that I wanna live 2 years in Barcelona - a Master is just an excuse- after that being accomplished , after having learned more languages and visited more destinations I wanna get married and have a lot of children so they can play together without having to ask their friends , neighbors or cousins to come.

On a side note:
I am thinking about studying the translation of monologues!!! Is not that sweet?!

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