Sunday, April 10, 2011

Alhambra: First is First , Second is as good

Today I went To Alhambra for the second time ...
Did I ever mention here my first visit to Alhambra? That was in a very rainy and sad day from last year. I was under a lot of pressure for finally unfolding the mystery of the great great palace.
Today , it was different , second times are way much better than the first times ,,, the first times are a fight with the expectations and with the prejudgments. But the second time is a pleasure of going through the things you already know , but now you just wanna see the more and enjoy them again.

I did not take much pictures, the first time I went I may have taken 400 pictures , but the pictures I am posting here are almost all the pictures I took this time ,,, I am finally learning to look with my eyes rather than seeing things later on when am at home going through the pictures.

We went with Languages Center with a big bunch of stupid american students (No offense please , but I have never ever in my life seen that amount of stupidity concentrated in one place) You know that type of people who come to one of the world's most important monument , and has the look of ''currently not available'' each time the guide opens her mouth!!

The feeling of being in Alhambra is the same ,,,, I feel I am a crowned queen ,,, I am a Queen and thats sooooo personal and is a spiritual experience each every time.

But the climax moment was when a nice old senor from Granada who came with the american class , his name is Manuel Delgado and on the top of Torre de la vela - The Vigil Tower- I asked him a question about a phrase I once read on a Mug: ''Quiero vivir en Granada Solamente por oir la campana de la Vela cuando me voy a dormir" which is Spanish for: I only wanna live in Granada for the sake of hearing the bells of Vigil Tower when I go to sleep.

He told me it's a song and he started singing songs of Granada ,,, his voice was full of emotion , as he was singing the songs his mother taught him when he was a child ,,,, the songs that I spent days looking for in inbternet until I came close to finding only two of them ....

I have always said it: Old People are the treasure of each culture.

This is a wall inside Alhambra that was built using the tombstones of the Muslim cemetery (How harsh and insulting that is?! There were not any rocks left in the world?!!)

The Plaque That says ''Dale Limosna mujer , Que no hay nada en la vida como la pena de ser ciego en Granada"
Wisteria is flourishing in Granada ,,, Its Video Clip beauty

This is a part of Alhambra that I entered for the first time this time ... Last year I did not go there because I though t to myself " I wanna leave something for when I come back again" ,,, and guess what? I cam back in 6 months :))))

I will die and not yet have a picture that I totally like of myself ... I wish I can take a picture of me , just like the ones I take for others

Those two pictures are of the Palace of Emperor Carlos the Fifth ... Its ugly , but it has a point in the center that concentrates the voices .. we stood their and clapped our hands :)

This is a Video that I made in el Generalife ,,, the summer palace of the Sultans of Alhambra,, I had my mobile singing a song of my dear Miguel Poveda - Ay Hermanita mia (Oh my sister)

This is one of the songs of senor Delgado that I found after a long search :)

Al pie de Sierra Nevada, al pie del viejo Albaicín,
se halla sentada Granada la de belleza sin fin.
La virgen de las Angustias, la que habita en La Carrera,
consuela a los granadinos aliviándoles las penas.

Granada, Granada mía,
la de hermosura repleta, luna y sol de Andalucía.

Granada, Granada mía,
al llegar el mes de abril,

florecen en tus vergeles,
olorosos los claveles de la vega del Motril.

Cármenes de verde y agua
y el Sacro monte cañí,
con sus cantares y zambras,
son la ilusión y el sentir.

Granada mora y sultana,
la que admira el mundo entero,
¡Ay, mi granada gitana,
eres tú lo que más quiero!

It was one pleasant day on one of the best places of the entire world Alhamdulillah :)

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