Monday, April 4, 2011

Never would have done it If I was not forced :))))

Two days ago our IMCG -International Mosque Chicas Group- went to a park on the other side of the city to play with bikes , later when I tried to take the bike back home in the bus -after folding it of course- the driver told me that it cant get on the bus in any shape or form , so my friends went back home by bus and I rode the bike all the way home!!

On the picture you can see the path I took until I go home ,,, I would not have done it if I was not forced , but after having done it It felt greaaaaaaaaaat treating my bike as a mean of transport and not only as a toy :p


Rain said...

But I thought that was the original purpose of you getting a bike!
I'm glad that happened you should ride it everywhere,I wish I can but then again I live in Jordan
God bless Jordanian people everything can be about sex here ^_^

EvaLuna said...

a55555555555 zakreeny a7keelek 3an 7amlet ''Me Mancho" ta3et el makseek ,,, enu jad 7ello 3anna ,,, miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu