Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All the time I need to be the translator I want to be

I was worried ever since I came to Spain this time that I might have to rush my classes in order to be able to graduate as soon as possible.

A few days ago I had a mini heart attack thinking that I am gonna graduate in 7 months , and by then I am supposed to have a great level in Spanish ,,, a level of a person who has a BA in Spanish for Gods sake.

I knew I was not ready , I knew I needed more time , only to read , and look up words from the dictionary.

Out of the sudden Mama says: why dont you study two normal semesters next year instead of a summer semester and a crazy 21 credit hours first semester ...

I felt a relief that I cant describe ,,, i never thought my own Mama would make such a seggestion ,,, we all have grew up a lot during those years , we are no longer sticking to the pattern .

I am relieved and I love my Mama.

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