Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Volver: The thing with the Spanish cinema

This is one of the Spanish movies that everybody , if have not watched it , at least have heard of it so today I got it from the municipality library in Cenes and watched it wit the girls.

I loved it although it has a lot of ''but''s in it. It is not a special thing in this movie but its also common with all the other Spanish movies that I watched so far.

There is always something vague that you cant totally figure out, or things that you feel were left unsolved , not for dramatic purposes but because the writer forgot about them. But leaving all those things aside, Spanish movies are interesting , specially those of Almodovar ...

The picture is rich with colors , Music is an extra actor , and details are so present that the movie sucks me inside it.

The beauty of Penelope Cruz is almost perfect - if such thing exists- and listening to her speak in Spanish is way much appealing than listening to her pathetic English :)

Listen to the movie's song: Volver - Estrella Morente

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