Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alhambra: Again and again and again

Today I went to Alhambra again , with our usual guide Mari Carmen.

I took this picture on the bus stop. I never arrived late at any cultural activity here, but the bus just would arrive!! The group went inside Alcazaba without me and they left my name with the guy on the door. When I arrived I asked him: Did a group enter and leave a name? and he said: Yes , are you Takwa? .... Godddddd a guard in Alhambra had my name and was expecting me! How glorious is that?!
Those are the flags on the top of Torre de La Vela. They are not ordered as they are supposed. Starting from the left: Flag of European Union , Flag of Andalucia Region ,Flag of Spain , Flag of Granada. They put Andalucia ahead of Spain! Interesting!
Today I noticed a crack in the bell , and Mari Carmen said that the legend of women ringing the bell in January the 2nd in order to get married is just ridiculous. I think so as well! This day is one of two things: Its either the day in which Castilla ended the Arab-Muslim control and ended the occupation, or its the day in which tolerance and common living ended in Al Andalus once and for ever . Based on both interpretations women getting married is just a stupid concept that has nothing to do with the day!
See the empty space in the horizon ? Its a valley and the only crack in the belt of mountains that surround Granada . It was the place from where the Catholic kings entered a conquered Granada.

Those two symbols (Above and under) where moved in the core of the ceramics of Alhambra , the one above is the symbol of the Catholic Kings -the two headed eagle- and the one above is the symbol of the Nazari dynasty: There is no winner but God (what an ugly translation!!)

Those are some interesting symbols engraved on the walls, The pine symbolizes the union and the power that springs from it. The shell symbolizes the position of praying in which a servant of the lord curls and reflexes on his/her inside and connects with God .

I will always envy Washington Irving because he got to live in Alhambra while all I can is run in it trying to see things before the day is over.
This house is one of three houses left where people who worked for the royal family used to live.

I am a bit closer to the picture of me that I picture inside my head.
There is one more thing that does not have a photo but it is the most important and touching of all: Today I got to see the Lions of the Plaza de los Leones ... the lions that always appeared in all the pictures of Al Andalus. They are being reformed , and now they are being exhibited in a hall inside one of Alhambra's palaces ,, its surrounded with security , pictures cant be taken inside the hall , and in the back ground there was the attractive recorded voice of a man reciting arabic poetry in which the lions were mentioned.

Seeing them after all those years in reformation , knowing that they are still there is just comforting. The lion that they broke was lion number 4 , today I stood infront of him and I felt great to see him fine again.

I love my Alhambra ,,, I love the palace where I am the crowned queen of all that history.

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