Monday, April 18, 2011

Semana Santas Videso :)

Here is a bunch of videos I made during the first days of Semana Santa ... Its so sad that the best videos cant capture what I saw with my own eyes ,,,, Its just amazing , how the music comes crashing inside he soul and the step of the penitentes ,,, ts just great ...

In this video I could see the change of Costaleros. The Costaleros are the people who left the statue on their shoulders , people told me that the coastaleros change because they cant keep going during a lot of time -of course they cant , one statue weighs something between 4 to 6 tons!!- and here I saw them coming from under the statue and being substituted by others.

In this video we can see the last part of the ceremony of the first day. The statue entered the cathedral , and before it passed from one big important audience - I think they were important because they had chairs and all - there was the prayer ¨¨Our Father¨¨ , the last ''Levanta'' and then the statue entered the temple.

''La Levanta'' is a movement in which the costaleros rock the throne -that has the statue on top of it- ... its so hard , so tricky , and everytime they rock the throne I just go: Oleeee Oleee Oleeee ... the guide of the throne hits a bell three times and then says oleee , and when they hear him the costaleros rock the throne.
Each levanata is dedicated to somebody ,,, one of the levantas that I heard the guide when he was addressing it,it was dedicated to the people who are struggling with economical problems .. God, they do need it ....

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