Friday, April 22, 2011

Semana Santas Side walk food

Maybe one of the best parts of semana santa is the street food. My CLM teacher told us that people has to eat because they are in the street all day ,and I was like "God , he is exaggerating" but it turned out to be true ,,, everyday I am 6 to 10 hours out on the street going from a procession to another , making connections between the streets and taking pictures , and there came the moments in which I was HUNGRY!!! it has always been amazing to find the stands on the side walk selling candy apples ... I dont know of they taste that well , but eating my apple at the end of each day was my reward for all the walking , it made me stupidly Happy!!

And the roast potato is another story ,,, they sell it with salt, pepper , mayonase , ketchup , tuna olives , carrots and cheese. Eating that throughout the week made me wish that semana santa would never end ,,,, ahhhhh
Look how happy I am , but I hated how the children looked at me though hahahahahah

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