Sunday, April 17, 2011

First day of Semana Santa: A full day

Today was the first day of Semana Santa ,,, I was on the street at 4 pm to see the first procession and I wandered around streets until midnight , taking pictures in all directions. I hadd a blast

Those are the feet of the ''costaleros'' , the costaleros are the guys who bear the statue of the Virgin or Jesus on their backs. One statue with all its decorations weighs something between 4 to 6 tons ,,, the number of costaleros depends on the size and the weight of the statue , but normally they are 40 to 50 persons ,,, they dont see the road because they are under a thick piece of clothe , they are led by the music and by a leader who wears a suit and yells animated at every turn ,,, Enshalla I will post a video soon showing those special guys :))))))

How much I envy those people who has those wonderful balconies , they can see everything!

I am proud of this picture ,,, People look totally different these days , there are a lot of kids and people have faith in their look!! The douche-bags of always were not there!!! Where did they hide them?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
While wandering in the streets I entered a shop that I entered many times before , and asked about the price of this doll - I have always asked about the price - and it did not change ,,, its still tooo much for me ,,, 85 euros doll!!!

I love the details of the statue of Virgin Mary .... the flowers , the candles and that glass thing nice

The statue crossing the Cathedral Plaza in order to enter the Cathedral after a day in the street.

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