Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Sky Today ...My heart now

Today I went to see Sara in Gardens Street and then came back in Taxi. It was so crowded and so I asked the driver to drop me infront of the University's Hospital gate , thinking that I will walk from there to my class on the northern gate. (Silly me!! O

f course I would not do that , especially not in 30 minutes!!)

I bought a cup of coffee from a very very angry couple in the Hospitals Kiosk (That was loads of fun to watch!!! This is what I love about the Hospital's zone - althouhgt this might sound so selfish but! - there you get to watch life in its true course.

I sat there , looking at the hazy sky , on the stairs that remind me of an old story ...I sat there thinking.

Maybe it was 1991 or 1992 , by then I was so little , I did not even go to school yet , my uncle Wael was sick and was admitted to JU's hospital ,,, I was visiting , maybe because I was so little they did not let me in -cant actually remember- and I just looked at the stairs and the busy people , then there was a couple of doctors , a guy and a girl , they came down the stairs looking at each other and smiling dearly ,,,, exactly when they crossed from infront of me the air blew and their white -white white white- lab-coats flew and I felt that they can fly.

This is a very very far image from the depth of my hazy memory ,,, but I remember it as if it was yesterday , in times when I thought that love was simple and reachable....

If anybody has told that child that many many moons later she would be standing here alone and distant, she would not have believed.

But in spite of everything -and here am not mentioning any of those things- I feel that there is sun behind all that sand. I believe Strongly ,,, I believe

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