Sunday, September 4, 2011

Never thought that this would feel so GREAT!!!

Today I had a moment in class that has surprised me deeply.

It was nothing actually, but one of my students formed this sentence: ''La lista de guardia está pegada en la pared''. Which is Spanish for: The list of guard duty is stuck on the wall.
And I felt so good!! So So So good!!! I have heard many teachers before say how good they feel when their students actually Get The Lesson , but I did not imagine that it would feel that great!!!

I dont usually tell them how proud I am of them ... I dont because I believe that learners have to feel bad about themselves ALL THE TIME in order for them to work harder. But here , in the intimacy of my blog I just say it: My boys are growing up!! They are speaking Spanish already :))))

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Rain said...

7ram lesh ma olteelo shater aw ishy zy hak :(
ana sha5seiian kont lama o7ba6 abattel adros so zar2eelek shwaiiet madee7 7ram