Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back to Square one?

Today I came back running from work to get to my English Novel Class. I love this class -although it was our first class today- but I adore this teacher Miss Inas Ababneh ,,, I tend to call her inside my head Miss Perfect :)))

I love how she analyses literature, how she goes through the text line by line giving it new life. She is not the traditional literature passionate emotional teacher , she is more of a ''geisha doll'' with very few facial expressions , still she is one of the most expressive people I have ever met. She gets to put a lot of meaning in so little words ,,, She IS perfect.

After class when I went out and looked at the university I felt the huge gap between me and everything,,, I AM the eldest of all!! And all of this people around me are just kids that most probably would never ever enter my circle ,,, I felt as if the university world is their's and am just an intruder ,, I felt as I dont belong , and I felt as lost as when I was a sanfoora 4 years ago!!

In some way , I feel so minority like , so vulnerable and I feel like am back in Square One!!

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