Thursday, September 8, 2011

As Real as It gets

Today we had our first meeting as a translation team.

Who are we? Well , I got a job , a freelancing translating job from Arabic to Spanish.

I went to the meeting with my heart pounding. I was afraid , this is gonna be the first time in which my Spanish is put on stake on a translation job. But I met my friend Dr Moayad on the way and he eased me into the idea. He is some kind of a Translation Idol for me , and when I saw that he was so enthusiastic I felt better and went to the meeting with high hopes.

It might be right what they say , that when you fear something it gives you pleasure afterwards!!

I am looking forward to it ,,, The first phase of our project is 13 months , in which I am suppozed to translate One Thousand Pages :))))))))))

We are meeting up soon to start translating and talk about details , but I decided that am gonna go on till the end , and do whatever it takes to make this happen.

God!! I already feel like a grown up!!!

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