Saturday, September 3, 2011

Albalad: My Happy Place

Today I went to Albalad with my friends. It was great as always. We did the things that we normally do , and we took a lot of pictures. How come Alablad always feels good?

Today I noticed that Albalad has grown with me through all my phases. It was as perfect as childhood when I was a child. It was as perfect as a novel when I was a literature geek, and it perfect as the face of patriotism as home is all I crave now.

Today I saw Abu 3ali , the owner of the books kiosk , I talked to him as I used to do long long time ago. I reminded him of myself and he remembered me , and I asked him about my great great and favourite palestinian writer Ibrahim Nasralla and he gave me his phone number!!

I dont know what I am gonna do with his phone number. Is is possible that at some point I will have the guts to call him and tell him: Palestine means to me exactly what you wrote in your novel , nothing more and nothing less, and thanks for framing our national pain in the frame of a book? Is that possible?

I accidentaly ran through my childhood friend Dana , the friend that I have been trying to meet for the last two years and actually planned to meet her this very Monday. I was so happy ,,,, purely and originally happy ,,,, I hugged a true friend and this is a true gift from Allah.

I love walking around with Aliet and Rashati ,,, they help me overcome my silly ''people disease'' ,, they take me into crowded places , they mingle with strangers , they make the world look familiar.

I love my life ,,, Alhamdulillah

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