Friday, September 23, 2011

If I Wanna Dance on a Pole Am not Asking for Anybodys Permession

See this article:

So what if a woman wants to learn to dance on a pole? What If I wanna learn to do anything?
Who are you to tell me what should I and what should not I do?!!!

I hate this ranting and yelling tune , but such articles and discussions drive me nuts. So a muslim woman in England decides to dance on a pole and then publishes a picture of her earing Niqab next to the pole and to her trainer. And people start ranting about it , and they go with the usual ''insulting Islam" tape!!!

Now , What I think about it:

The lady should not have published such a picture. It is not that I am saying it Haram or wrong, I just say its inappropriate. With all the connotations related to pole dancing it would be so confusing for everybody to see the picture of a girl with Niqab next to one.
And for heavens sake: If you are so open minded -and am really happy for you- to learn such a fine type of art -according to me- how come you forget the opinion of your entire culture about it? Why would you think that everybody sees the same way as you did? How did you forget how people tend to be in such topics , and why -On Gods Name- do you care to show them what you have learned?

About those who ranted and got all worked up with the news , Specially that ''fine'' lady that said: A true muslim women would not accept it to herself to learn such a type of dancing. For that woman among all I say: Shut the Hell Up!!!

Stop asking all muslim women to be a copy of each other!! Who ever said that we are supposed to be alike? To like the same things , do the same things and treat our men and family through the same exact steps?

Not all women who wear Hijab are alike , they dont wear it the same way , nor do they wear it for the same motives. If a Muslim woman learns to dance whatever type of dance and performs it based on Gods regulation and Shariaa (Not infront of men with whom she is not related ,and without being dressed provocatively) then its a skill that she has , a pleasure that she experiences ,,,,and guess what: an extra point for her that makes her better from you , YOU bitter sad helpless woman who blames her lack of confidence on Islam.

See this video ,,, tell me that this is not art , and that a woman who dances like Shakira is just as appealing to her husband as a woman who does not!

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