Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am the interpreter: I rule :)

For the last three days I have been working in Prince Hamza Hospital as an interpreter of a workshop presented by a Spanish nurse to a class of Jordanian nurses. The course was more of an Administrational course than a sanitary one , this is what made it easier to interpret.

I need not go through all the details of the three days but It was a big experience , not only on my linguistic level but also on my sense of ''I am able to do anything as long as I decide so''.

Words used to scare me as they came out of the lecturer's mouth , but as I searched gently inside my head I always managed to find the translation. I have worked hard throughout the last 4 years of my life , and this is my reward. I was able to interpret three days in a row without a pause , tuning my voice with the lecturer's voice tune , pausing as she pauses , and laughing as she laughs or cracks jokes.

I know I still have a lot a head of me to learn. This experience made me aware of many fields that I need to study their vocabulary , but for now I feel satisfied and eager to learn more ,,, to go ahead and follow my own ''personal miracle''.


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

no need to brag bwt it :Pp :joke:

good job :)

keep up the learning process/attitude

EvaLuna said...

Thak you HAithaaaaaaaaaaaaam
Sorry I always see comments ba3d be shahar , bas I dont see them jad :(

5aleeni abrag shway ,,,, I was so happy when it was over without wala ay maw8ef mo7rej loool