Sunday, September 25, 2011

Out in the Open

This is a picture of me smoking in Madrid a week after the Spanish national smoking ban in all bars and restaurants. I never published this picture , although I loved it and it was a very funny moment , when I was trying to look like am inside while I am outside. I never published it anywhere because my family did not know that I smoke.

I have smoked for the last 7 years. I am not a heavy smoker, neither do I d like those who smoke a lot. For me smoking is a pleasure that I practice a couple of times a week.

Today my parents found out about it. They were too astonished with the mere thought that ''their little angel'' smokes. They were mad , even furious but I was happy.

I hate all things that are hidden, I just hate them. For the last 7 years I reached the point where I stopped thinking about ''my smoking'' ... It was my morning ritual that I dont share not even with my best friends and there is no need to accompany such moment with explanations to anybody. But It just annoyed me , that am a 22 years old girl and that I still have hidden files.

Today I am happy ,,, I came clean ,,, They dont accept me by the way , but this is who I am , whether they like it or not.


w7l said...

here is my zna5a reply.

"...For me smoking is a pleasure..." .....huh!!? a pleasure !! no pleasure in smoking, and for sure no pleasure in lung cancer -which is only 1 out of hundreds of smoking related diseases- ! and yes; typical doctor reply !

enjoy your deathly pleasure!

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

another zene5 reply

smoking kills!

plz start quitting

not judging or anything but don`t u love yrself!

أقسم بالله إني مصعوق!

m sorry if I`m making u feel uncomfortable in any way ,, but that`s how I feel

think .... MULTIPLE cancers


typical jordanian anti-smoking association reply

plz start the mental quitting process , plz

EvaLuna said...

Ya jama3a you made my night :p

I smoke a pack every 25 days ,,, I stopped smoking in multiple phases of my life , because I could not find a calm place ,,, I stopped for 7 months , for 3 months , and lately for 2 months ,,,, i dont call it quitting, I call it: mesh 3anne 3a bali ,,,

Bas at some point in my life , I will take your thoughts in consideration (Maybe when I become a mother and others lives are gonna on stake ,,, yemken allah a3lam)