Saturday, September 10, 2011

I will kiss you while the movie plays heheheheh

I have known my friends -and here I mean the closest circle of friends I have- 4 years ago. Throughout all those years we tried to pick a movie and just GO TO IT!! It never worked!! But today Aliet had to do some repression and decide for us , heheheeh ,,That worked really fine!!

We went to Al Barake Mall and watched the 8th and last movie of Harry Potter. Funny Fact: I have never watched , nor read any of the other 7 parts (Ok , I once watched one movie in Spain and I understood totally nothing) but in spite of me not understanding anything, I cracked in laughter for 2 hours straight!!

I dont know why,,, Maybe because the movie is too weird , and because they say very comliated things in a very serious tone that makes me go like: Be 3arth o5tak?!!! And being with Sara in the movies for the first time ever was sooooo good , we laughed our brains out.

3D glasses are yuck!!! I thought they are gonna be cooler ,,, There were little tiny tiny moments when I actually felt that things were flying from the screen to my face , but the rest of the time I had a headache.

Did I ever mention that I hate west amman? I do ,,, I feel like I need to have my passport on me as to go to that part of the city. People are weird and they talk to their children in English!!! (I just blog in English , curse in Spanish and SPEAK all the rest in Arabic) What is so wrong with people , did I say people? I meant BeoBle !!! Hahahahahah

After wards I walked sara back to university street and felt the funny funny feeling of finally being home .... Ayyyyy , I love those simple days , I just think that 5 years ago all of that was just a fantasy and now Its my Life :))))

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