Monday, September 5, 2011

Broken Icon that Breaks My Heart

I see my friend going with bald steps towards love , and although I am dying to meet the guy , get to know what he has that makes her happy but I think I will pass.

It might be a little selfish or egocentric, but I always get involved. The guy is gonna become my friend , we will talk about stuff , we will laugh about other stuff and afterwards if -only ''if'' in Gods omniscient knowledge- things dont work out between him and my friend , I will be hurt in the trickiest of all ways.

When a guy and a girl break up , there is an international handbook for their feelings. For the things they might feel , and the things that its ok for them to say and do. But nobody says anything about the custody of common friends!!

I remember in ''How I met Your Mother'' when Lily broke up with Marshal , and then they got back together , Ted told her that when she walked out on Marshal she walked out on Ted too , this is why he requested an apology.

This has happened once before, and I get too weird around my friend's Ex!! I dont seem to be able to pick the adequate topics , and I am always afraid to bring something up that would remind him of her. I dont even know If I am myself a sad memory from the days when he used to love her ....

I know this blog entry is so confusing , but I am trying to draw a line -not so thick though- between me and the new guy until the horizon brightens up a little.

Ya Rab Pick whats best for us all.

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