Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Quote from My Show: Grey's Anatomy

Although I loathe and detest both of them Derek and Meredith for their dull and unconvincing love story , but I loved this quote , he said this to her when she asked him why he did not sign his divorce papers to terminate his marriage with Addison:

I was married for eleven years , Adison is my family, that is 11 thanksgivings , 11 birthdays and 11 Christmases and in one day I am supposed to sign one piece of paper and end my family .. A person does not do that not without a little hesitation ... I am entitled to a little uncertainty here , just a moment to understand the magnitude of what it means to cut somebody out of my life, I am entitled to at least one moment of painful doubt and a little understanding from you would be nice.

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