Friday, October 7, 2011

New Facebook Profile Picture: I Am Too Young For This

So this is my new Facebook Profile Picture ,,, I did not write anything under it and have not given it much of a thought. This is why -as its facebookly proven- the things least thought are the things that get most ''likes'' and comments!!!

As I looked at the picture I thought its misleading. I look ''Astute" ,, I look as if I own the dance-floor and I know where exactly to put me feet. But that is not me ... I am mainly the ''Clumsy'' girl who drops things , pumps into tables , drops coffee on her clothes , falls in love and out of love in a couple of days , never gets the hints and laughs on the least funny jokes.

Lately I got into a conversation with an old friend concerning some unresolved topics,,,I was told things that made me ''universally distracted'' as I got to fill the gaps of an old story. I was startled with my ability to ignore the signs, my ability to not bring the parts together ,,, mainly I was startled with how naive I am and how I can be simply fooled by crusts.

I am too young for all of this ,,, I always run to my Mama's wisdom , but now I cant ask her because I still need time to figure out what to share with her because I dont want to go ''breaking her icons'' I want her to keep respecting the people who confuse me , until my confusion is over.

I am so young for all of this ,,, I still need an other life added to mine to be able to believe that ''evil slutty bitches'' look just like any simple standard girl.

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