Sunday, October 23, 2011

Little Women: One Book Down

Today I finished reading Little Women of Luisa May Alcott.

Now with all due respect, If I was not obliged to read the novel as a part of my ''English Novel 1'' class I would not have kept going in the book.

I am a big big big -the biggest- bookworm , but this book bored me to death! Here -as I write- am fighting a huge sense of guilt, because every critic , reader or intellectual in the world thinks that this is a great book , and I dont wanna be snobbish and discard the opinion of all those smart people , but what shall I say!! It did not sound fun to me.

There are parts that I liked , especially the atmosphere of deep innocence that wraps the girls ,,, innocence that is missed everywhere in every aspect of our daily life. But as for the structure of a fine novel it is just boring ... there are no clear rising actions towards a clear -and attractive- plot!! I kept going through the chapters waiting for a ''problem'' a thing that needs solving or a thing that makes you hold your breath.

I dont know ,,, It gave me the feeling of being scratched with a knife ,that did not cut deep enough in the flesh of fiction.

I am really sorry for all of those who think that this is a good book , but this is what I truly think and am happy anyway that this one book down from my ''to read'' list.

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