Thursday, October 6, 2011

So I had to take that street?

So this Thursday , after I was done with my classes and was left alone in peace I wandered down the university looking for a place to pray. I thought I wanna go pray in a new faculty in which I have never prayed before. I tried to enter the IT faculty but it was closed, so I asked two girls who were leaving Biologu building if there were a close oratory , they said IT ,I said its closed so they said: Then go to the library.

I have prayed in the library many many times , and I could have simply kept walking towards the south but I went to the library taking the ''Students Deanship" street , and as I passed by I saw a group of 7 boys and girls and each of them had a Oud on their backs , so I flew the staris to ask them were do they rehearse and who teaches them.

So there he was a fine young man who presented himself as the Ex-president of Arts Club of the Deanship , he runs a project called Bait Al-Oud and he said that he is running for next weeks clubs' election and that if he wins then the project will go on and he will be able to take me in the group.

I got listed for the elections and am going to vote next week. This Oud thing has not worked for the last 4 years in spite of all my enthusiasm towards it .. I am just thinking that maybe I wandered around , asked the girls and took the same old street just to be there on time to find the group and feel immediately good about it.

I Hope it works this time and I get to play the Andalusi art that I have always wanted to play ,,, Ya Rabb :)))

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