Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Time on Skype Ever Since

I dont know why , and although I am the talkative person I am but I get sooooo weird on Skype. I avoid it , I actually avoid talking to a lot of people , although I love them!!

So yesterday I had a moment of courage and I went and opened my Skype for the first time ever since I came back from Spain , and I was ready to talk to anybody who is online ,,,Whoever would it be , it must be someone I love and have not talked to in a long time ,,,,

First I talked to Sara , then To Wafa in Morocco , to Ana Martinez in Spain , to Najeeb in KSA and to Samura in USA.

I did it!! I did it!!! I talked to the ones I love in Spite of my creepy awkward dull relationship with technology :)))


Rain said...

why is najeeb in KSA

EvaLuna said...

he has been there for two years now ,,, he works in a newspaper in Ryadh