Saturday, October 8, 2011

Something I wrote a while ago

Sometimes I find things that I wrote and I get surprised by my sudden honesty. Sometimes I write eloquent things just because I love writing , but sometimes I feel that some eloquent texts do Write me ,,, they dictate my true feelings on me and the liberate me from the heaviness of unuttered words.

His soul is so warm ,,, his existence is thick and deep , you can penetrate his horizon with a huge sigh. He is a person ,, he is even a Persona ... Good enough for a novel or a poem ,,, He says cheesy things in a manly tune ,,, he is TRUE ,,, God I wanna cry infinitely ,,, I cant believe that there is a chance that I might read this after a while and look at myself without him ,,, I will hate it then ,,, I already hate everything ,,, I feel so so so weak ,,, so impotent towards fate , towards not having control over the things that mean the most.

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