Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yesternight I had a dream

Yesternight I had a dream ,,,,

I need to mention that I woke up so upset. Efffftttttt ,,, what is it now!!! ...

So the dream goes like this: Am sitting on the top of a staircase in a place that looks like King Hussein Cancer Centre - but its so big and perfect- and the busy street -where I almost got run over by a car the day before- was so calm in the dream.

One of my students -the one whom I used to hate- comes to me and gives me his car keys and he says that he is gonna go in , do some work and then he will come back so we will take the class.

The silence in this dream had a Body!! It was so silent , and I was sitting on the stais watching a florescent light for I dont know how long ,when a far door opened and all my stuedntes came out running. They were racing to the car. So I stood overlooking them ad I jiggled the keys ,,,, I wanted them to remember that I had the keys and that there is no point of running towards the car but they raced anyway.

Emad was the first to give up the race and he gently stopped and moved away , then Tareq stopped ... as for Khaled and Matt they almost got there together but Matt got to the car one step before Khaled. Then they started looking for the jiggling sound ... we laughed a little then Matt came up to me and I gave him his keys , he said: yalla we will see in class. And they all went.

I tried to get to the class but I could not ,,, My hair grew so thick , long and heavy and each time I tried to wrap my Hijab I just could not . After trying and trying I just gave up and I did not go to class!!

What the hell does that mean!!!

I woke up grumpy and even worried , I even felt the urge to call Emad. The way he gave up on the race worried me , I thought it might have something to do with their applications to USA hospitals or something .... But then I was like , it will go away ,,, it will go away ,, Besm allah Erahman Eraheem ,,,, what does that mean

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