Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pulling Out My Old Treasures

As i went back to talking to Dana , I started remembering old things and thinking about old thoughts. So today I opened a bag that I brought closed from Spain , where I had put all the little things , that I was so anguished to classify or to consider.

From that bag I pulled my wallet's hangers and my silver bracelets .

My Wallet hangers:
An Owl Sara got me when we were freshmen or so ,,, I love owls , they are wise and they bring bad luck to everyone but good luck to me.
A tiny Castañuela that I brought from Spain the first time ,,, Castanuelas are an instrument used while dancing Flamenco ,,,, It reminds me of Spain , my Spain , the Spain of my little dreams.

And the Bracelets
One of them Says: Congratulations . Ruba brought it to me when I published my novel ,,, It always reminded me of the people in my life who are proud of me ,,,
The other Bracelet says: Hayat with a big space , and on the other side: / /
This is a bracelet I made for my daughter , when I have one , I will name her Hayat and in the space am gonna write her fathers name , and between the slashes I am gonna write her birthday.

Those are my treasures ,,,, I pull them now to make the future more appealing , to feel like i wanna go on.

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