Sunday, October 2, 2011

One Fine Day

Today I had what we can call ''One Fine Day'' . It was so simple yet so surprising.
This year I was prepared to be BORED to death. Everyone said so , and I thought so as my friends have graduated and nobody my age is left but Mays , and Ala who happens to work in the university.

But suddenly those friends to whom I only used to say ''Hi/Bye'' to , come to the spot of light and astonish me with the great potential of ''humanity'' they have in them!! Maybe I did not see that before , maybe I was so absorbed into my own ''group'' that I did not give others a chance!

I had my morning cofe -my for ever LONELY activity- with Sasha ,,, we had a great conversation , she is sooo smart and pure ,,, I never knew that!! Then came Mays and Fatimah , and I wanted to eat breakfast in JUs Tables Restaurant -this is how we call it- but we got there late , so Fatima was like: Why not go to the 3amade Cafeteria? and I was like: Does 3amade even have a Cafeteria? ,,,, 5 years in Ju and I did not know that -not even thought about eating somewhere else!- .

We went to the 3amade and met some cute friends of Fatima's ,,, they are all writers -you could actually hear people reciting poetry in the background while eating in the cafeteria- painters , musicians or actors. (I am gonna write SOMETHING , one big thing about why and how I isolated myself from anything culture related and ended up blogging and writing diaries , this is an important topic) ... The ambient was good!! Surprisingly.

Then Fatimah took us to the Painting Hall to show us her paintings.
When we entered -Mays and I- we remembered when we were freshmen and came to the same place to learn to draw!! (How arrogant , or Dreamy was that!!) ... We hung around there for like 3 months and then we stopped going. Being back there brought me back to those days , when I used to draw and listen to Yazan Erousan and gaze infinitely in the existence!! How Pure was my soul by then!!

Even the Hall's director remembered us , she said: you were here 3 years ago! She told us we can come anytime and pick up from where we left ,,,, (Am so coming back!!!)

Look at our pictures :))))

Fatimah with her paintings
Mays is just a Beauty!!! Mashalla !!!

Afterwards we went to a Linguistics Symposium in Language Centre and there we assisted a lecture about translation , that was presented by Dr Luis Miguel Canada who is the Director of ''La Escuela de Traductores de Toledo'' ... A very very prestigious and fine school related to La Universidad de Castilla La Mancha which has a good program for translators between Arabic and Spanish.

The lecture was just great , ad the ambient was soooooooo SMART ,,,, there were 4 -not 1 not not 2 not 3 but 4 - interpretation booths as they were translating the symposium to English , Arabic , Spanish , German and French.

I was so proud of my faculty ,,, It was so amazingly special!!! Dr Hussien presented a paper about the translation of the word ''Sheikh'' in Arabic English and Spanish. You know those little mind notes you put aside while reading a translation? Those are the things that make a very great paper on translation!!!

Afterwards I talked to Dr Hussein on the stairs of Language Centre and I showed him some of my questions on the interpretations. He asked me about the conference - the one in Prince Hamza Hospital- and I told him: Everybody was thrilled about my translation, but I was not satisfied. So he said: Hija mia, en el trabajo de un traductor nunca se llega a la satisfaccion , siempre hay algo mejor. (Oh daughter, in a translators work , you will never reach satisfaction , there is always something better) .


Afterwards Mays and I went to have a cup of coffee in the Milk Bar , and as I was sitting on the pavement I saw Rose. Rose is an old school friend whom I have been trying to meet for the last two months but never really got to fix a date. I ran to her and we went on yelling , jumping , hugging and talking for very nice 15 minutes ,,,, I love this picture ,,, I dont look good but I look happy as I used to be when I was a child ,,, I am blessed to have the friends I have,,,

Actually today as I was wandering around with Mays I told her: We were deprived one ENTIRE JU YEAR ,,, I know that we were in Spain , but our Jordanian University experience is one years shorter than everybody else's , and that we are now getting a new chance to retrieve everything we missed.

I am so blessed ,,, blessed to the deepest point of my Existence ,,, Alhamdullilah

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