Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Perfect Song

On Thursday , at 6 pm I was standing here waiting for my Dad to come pick me up. In my Mp5 I was listening to this song ''Like a Star'' by Corinne Bailey Rae ... It felt so perfect ,,,so perfect that It could have simply blown out my mind. It talked about me ,,, it hurts ,, sweetly hurts when she says ''Oh your love'' ,,, it feels like bleeding the blood that pressures your heart when you deeplu fall in love ,,,

The clip was as perfect. Three things made it perfect:

1-The Origami Cranes dangling from the ceiling. Origami cranes are a perfect dream ,,,a pursuit of perfection

2-The scene where she feels alone although she is among people in the club.

3-The singers smile at the end ,,, she is a true beauty ,,,,

Perfect Perfect song ,,,,

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