Sunday, November 7, 2010

A very tricky Arabic class

Today I had this very tricky arabic class ,, my usual student Alba came along with a new friend of hers who was longing to learn arabic as well .

The other friend -Audrey- knew something of arabic from before and as the class went I started feeling troubled , I could not sync between the things that Audrey knew and Alba did not or the opposite ,and for a moment I thought that I should stop the class because it was a mess inside my head , and then I remembered an example I read many years ago that says: you will never get better on your bike if you stop cycling.

So I kept on cycling and guess what: I got the two of them to learn new stuff from me and from each other , I managed to give each one of them the information that she needs and after 1 hour and 15 minutes I paid attention that Alba now knows all the letter that form her name and she wrote it down for the first time in her life in ARABIC!!!

It was a big moment for both of us ,, for her as a learner and for me as a teacher :)
I am happy .. Alhamudillalh

Thats Alba and I
And this is the page where she wrote her name in Arabic for the very first time !!!!

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