Monday, November 15, 2010

A bike alarm!!!

Today I was doing more rounds for my bike , and I went across that cool shop in Realejo and I had a cute conversation with the girl who works there , and as I told her I wanted a fold able bike that would not top 200 euros she was like ''Noooooooooooooo'' . She said that the ones she have are too expensive - one of them costs 900 but its 9 Kgms only!!!- and she said: Take care when you buy a cheap one , those things fold you dont want them to break. - And I was like: I never thought about this possibility- and she said: Maybe you would like to look in a second hand shop , and I was like: A light bulb lighting on the side of my head!!! Why I never thought about it?!!

So I went back home and after 5 minutes of search I came across this ad:

50 euros!! and it is not even used , he said in another ad - when he was asking for 60 euros- that it was a gift and he is selling it because he does not use it. So I picked up the phone and called the guy , and we are meeting tomorrow in the biking lane of Cartuja here close to my house,,,

Please let this be good ...

I will have 150 euros in my budget that I can actually use in Madrid hehehehe :)

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