Monday, November 8, 2010

Cafe Bar Manila .... Just WOW!!

Tonight we had a very cute experience in Cafe Bar Manila ...

I had very different plans for the evening but Rasha came from her class and said that her friend said that a movie was going to be presented in some place close to Isabel Catolica.

While waiting I saw Alba , my student coming along with a friend of hers and hey were heading ti the same place. I thought it would be a theater or something but then the girl came and took us from Plaza Isabela Catolica to a an almost small cafe-bar ...

There was a bunch of people , different looks , different hair cuts , different languages , different accents and with the vegetarian + environment friendly ambient of the bar I felt like I was back in the seventies ,,, the movie was about human rights ,, this is what they said and so I felt ike am gonna be offered marijuana anytime heheheh ...

It was so easy to mingle with those folks!! they were very sociable , nice and they dont judge ,,,
I dont , but I have always felt around here that am being watched ,, you know people would always notice my as the ''arab'' ''muslim'' girl with the ''different outfit'' .. Tonight i got the magical feeling of being able to be lost among the crowd ...

Usually this kind of getting together's would make me a little nervous , but I dont know ,, I was very comfortable today ,,, I loved the place and the people ,, everything ...

They played the movie , Its name is ''Balseros" telling the story of the suffering of cuban citizens who wanted to go to USA illegally making ships and travelling in the ocean.

It was very sad , I dont want to say that adjective ''sad'' where I dont feel the hell that those people has gone through ,,, the scenes where they were separated from their loved ones , where they said good bye not knowing if they would meet again or not , it just reminded me of our eternal misery in Palestine when people used to listen a radio show where the ones who are still alive would send their greetings to their families wishing that they would hear them and know that they are still alive .

I remembered the scene from ''Tagreeba el Falasteenyye" when Rushdis mother called the radio exactly when he left the radio side and went to the street ,,, he lived his life wanting to hear her voice and when she did call his name he was not there to hear it.

Palestine the biggest wound of all ,,, the biggest cultural and historical robbery, it just came to me while I watched the pains of other cultures.

It was great and they have a cycle of movies that we are gonna attend in the coming weeks enshalla ,,,,

Rasha's tapas
Rasha and I all comfy on the red chair

Gran via looked different after spending two hours in the dark watching the movie.

Good night my Charming Granada

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