Friday, November 12, 2010

To survive without God

Today I went to Hispanoamerican Literature class for the first time. I noticed a group of korean students sitting right behind me and only one of them sitting three of four seats away from me in the same line.

I thought about them for a while. I thought it should be really hard for them to understand all the spanish that is used in the class and all the historical information mentioned. I dont know why I thought that, for instance I am Jordanian - Asian too and I belong to a very different culture compared to the Hispanic culture- and then I noticed their clothing, their books , their voice recorders and their cute red electronic dictionaries.

I thought how Asian people specially Koreans dont have a religion and they seem just fine.
The class was boring ,, really boring so I kept thinking , how do they live their day by day life not even being athiest? they just dont give it a thought ...
And meanwhile I was dozing off and daydreaming my desk started shaking and my pens rolled down and fell , I looked and the korean girl who was in my line has dropped her pen and started getting spasms and she started to slide down falling off her chair!!!
For a while I was shocked and could not really think about anything , but when she started sliding down I ran to her and held her head so she wont pump it to the chairs ,,,

It was so scary , you know , becuase I could not understand what got into her ,,, it was like she was getting electrocuted and shaking , and the look on her face !! Oh my God the look on her face , she was totally conscious to what was going on with her and she seemed helpless not being able to control her own body , and not being able to stop it!

What happened later is not important ,,,,the spanish girls proved one more time that they are useless - no offense buddies- but they acted out in the traditional ''I am freaked out because I have zero experience'' behavior. They were even impolite piling around the girl and trying to get a better angle to look!

But as I went over the scene again I remembered that when I first saw her I said involuntarily "Bism Allah'' >> By the name of God ... I dont wanna go all mystic , but if the option of calling Gods name when you are afraid seemed very soothing ,,, I am happy I have a God , I can be afraid for a while but am never mortified.