Sunday, November 28, 2010

Monachil: A nice mistake that led to an Original day!

Today we woke up to go to the trip that our Portuguese suggested many weeks ago. She said that we should go Sierra Nevada , which is a place that tourists from all over the world come to visit and to ski.

Last year my friends went and I did not , I was like :'' I hate having my clothes wet, and I hate coldness'' , but this time I went with them just for the sake of not ''missing it''.

Our french friend Flora got the information from the internet and it said we should go to a town called Monachil and from there we can reach the Ski Station.

We got on the bus and we went , the driver said that after he drops us we should walk a kilometer and a half and then we will reach the town. Now as I think about it , it surprises me , in Jordan I would go bargaining about 100 meters and here I have no problem walking KILOMETERS!!

Anyway , as we walked through the amazing town we found out that reaching the Station needs a car , you know , the street goes in funny tine twisted pavementless streets that goes up the mountains, but it was totally ok for all of us , we were just happy to be there.

It is not a thing that I can express in a post. I was so happy , looking around me I was pleased by the nature and the continuous water noise with the river going in all directions. People were so nice, they were true country people , pure , welcoming and warm ....

I prayed by the river and when the bus came unannounced I had to cross the street shoe less holding my boats and my prayer mat in my both hands ,,, I was happy and that was one original day , Alhamdulial

Coffee in Monachil ,,, I love the coffee drinking tradition in order to bond with the place

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