Monday, November 22, 2010

About Antonio de Milano

Tonight I went to Manila for the usual movie night...

There is not much to say about the thing am posting about , but I just feel like writing it down.
The guy who works in Manila is just amazing. Antonio , he is Italian from Milano. He speaks with a funny yet nice italian accent. He is somewhere between blonde and brown - or better ''moreno''- and his face hair is not neat but has a unique style that adds kindness to his face.

He is the type of waiter who makes each client feel spacial and important , he adds a smile to his sentences and there is some special warmth about him. This is not some poetic exaggeration , this is nothing compared to how warm and amazing this guy is.

Today ,everybody was all busy with the movie and I gazed at him for a moment. He was leaning on the beer tap and looking at the silent crowd. I thought how happy would a woman be with him, he is masculine but with a feminine side. I wondered how would his hugs be and suddenly out of no where it just popped to my mind : Its always another woman!

I would always see those outstanding men - and they are few- and think how they would be to there women ,,, the women whom I am never in there shoes ,,,

Its not about Antonio himself ,,, he is just an example ,,, a pure thing ,, a bell on the doorstep of my mind ,,, ~sigh~

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