Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Actual Round under the Rain on my Bike:)

Oh My God , I am soooooooooooooo thrilled and happy about the round I just took on my bike.
I got home at 11 , I thought about taking out the bike under the rain and try to ride it down the hell , I had the same idea yesterday but I did not go at the end , and today I said: Just take it out!! If it works out then have fun , and if not then just go back home.

And so I went , under the rain alone with my nice bike ,,,, I crossed the empty streets and saw the twinkling rain drops under the street yellow lights , I felt the air and the adrenaline and I felt like flying ... I was happy , and I felt some subtitles going down my head saying: This is one of THOSE moments ,,, THOSE moments ,,,

I owned the streets , I went down to the extranjeria and the hospital , and actually rode on asphalt for the very first time .... My Bike suddenly got a name: Beiro! The name of the neighborhood I reached - not knowing it was there- as I drove.

I just cant explain how happy I am ...
Purely Happy ,,, Truly Truly Happy ..

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