Friday, November 5, 2010

Smiling alone on the bus stop

So yesternight I had a conversation with Laura my flatmate and she made me see something that I did not see before. A thing that am not gonna mention here for my own sentimental status , however I was waiting for people to realize a thing and I was mad they did not. Laura said maybe they are waiting for me to realize the same thing and they were mad I did not.

It was a matter of who would take the initiative and Laura said: why not you? and at 1 a.m I talked and I got a fast reply , a thing that I have not expected in the 8 months I spent being mad!!

The other day I was alone waiting for the bus , and as I looked at the things around me - the same things I see every time when I wait for the bus - I realized that I was smiling alone ,,, a smile that was pouring in all directions of my face , a smile that glows , twinkles and draws attention ...

I was happy ...
Like in ''child is happy'' ... I know that this is as good as it gets ,, it cant get any better , it just would not. But I accept it with a big heart ... a heart that loves God and believes in his wisdom and well . If thats what God wants then its the best for me and yes: I am happy for losing the best thing that ever happened to me.

You are gonna be missed ,,, or not

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