Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friendly Strangers: An evening in Konya :)

Tonight I spent many hours in Konya , I gave an arabic class and then made three friends from Pais Vasco ( Ider , Iker , Maitena) ,,, it was smooth and easy how we started the conversation and got to know each other and then left.

Also there was Antonio the creepy guy - I dont know why I call him that but he is kinda creepy- and he insisted on buying us something - me and alaa - and after saying no a few times he still insisted so I was like: what the hell!! If you will let me have my drink on my table without you coming close to my circle then why not , so we had Lemon and ment juice.

There is something about Antonio that makes me sympathize with him ... he is old and lonely and although he has the money ti be living in a huge mansion or ranch he prefers to live in Granada Capital and mix with the students.

Maybe he does not accept the fact that he grew old , but if I were him I would not have accepted it too ,,,, getting old is an experience that requires a true friend or a true love.

For the last days I was thinking about that ,, I do all what I can to keep the strings between me and the people I love , but it does not matter anyway ,, there are people whom no matter how hard you try to keep them they just fall out of your life. lovers and friends ,,,

So if God would help I would take some of Antonios shit , just in case I need Karma when I am as old and lonely as him.

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