Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Mr Right

Mr. Right is a part of the title of an interesting book called '' The Book of Rules: How to Capture the Heart of Mr Right".

I first heard about that back when I was in high school , a very special friend of mine was reading it and I thought to myself: Huh , as if I need that.

I thought - by then- that I got it all figured out (I cant find another phrase to finish the sentence so I am just gonna leave that way).

The time has passed since then and I discovered few facts about myself when it comes to men:
1- I can be there very best friend
2- They can be me bestest friends
3- They can still be my friends until they are in love , engaged or married , by then I freak out , I get all awkward and 99% of the times I sneak out of the friendship.
4- I can easily get a crush on anybody.
5- I can easily lose the crush if I get a more important thing to do.
6- I said in my mind the phrase ''I am so in love with..." almost 6 times in the last 6 years and I always get a moment where I wonder if any of that was true.
7- I have a lot of values that I cant go around which makes it so inconvenient for me to be in love. - its not that am better or worse than other girls , but am a country side traditional person -
8-I might seem so open about my feelings and I share too much , but when it comes to the real stuff I dont really share with almost anybody , not even my own mother , which makes men feel unneeded.
9- I am shy >> yes this surprises me , I am all out going and have a low social fence , but sometimes I keep a comment or an idea to myself for no obvious reason.
10- Poetry , novels , movies and songs have really messed up my head and elevated my criteria.

So ....

Today I was on the bus almost heading to nowhere, I though I might get down to get my residency papers done. When I first got on the bus there was a guy in front of me , he tried to pass his card ore than once and it did not count, he got a little worried and he said to the driver: I charged it yesterday ... he looked back at me apologizing for making me wait and I nodded ''Its ok'' nod.

Then I sat on a funny curve that only exists in line 33 buses and I gazed around.

The guy stood ahead of me and gazed too ...
He was so handsome, just like a magazine cover , his jacket , his shirt , his pants and his shoes where all matching in a way that looked so spontaneous.
But the thing that really got me thinking is his far away look ,,, now I remember a video of Russel Peters where he speaks about the way men can sit for 15 minutes thinking about extremely NOTHING. I noticed that this was so true , and this is why this guy´s far away look got my attention.
He looked smart therefor he looked attractive.

I started my ''bus mental activity'' answering the set of questions I always make inside my head when I am using strangers as characters: Whats his name? How old is he? what does he do? Is he satisfied with what he accomplished? What are his dreams? What makes him laugh? what makes him cry? Is he simple,complicated , nice , mean, deep , shallow, creative or normal kind of person?

I could not get much answers ,,,

Thats him in the picture above!!
Afterwards I decided - for no obvious reason- that I wanna follow him. Maybe I wanted to know where does men like him come from. He got off the bus and I went after him keeping a distance ,,,, I walked and my heals made a lot of noise -or so I thought- I lost him almost three times along the way , but as I walked faster around the curves I could always trace him again ,,,, After almost 15 minutes of walking he entered the building you see in the picture under this paragraph.

It was a hostel! He is not from here ,,, why does he have a Granada bus card if he is not from here? when does he leave? where does he leave to? who is he and why -just why- he got me thinking about my Mr. Right?

Ps: If you think this is a sick post then maybe you should not be reading this blog , I am a curious cat so live with it.

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