Saturday, November 27, 2010

Two times in the Movies: Complete waste of money

I went to the movies here in Spain two times , just for the sake of going out with my friends.

One of them was a Spanish movie that SUCKED with all possible dimensions of the word. It was about a woman losing her sight and being chased by some kind of freak , whose mother acted like she is blind and then it turns out that she is not ,,, I dont know what I dont know what and then the movie ends without cleaning the mess of questions it has caused by its pure stupid plot!!!

The second movie was Harry Potter's seventh or eighth movie , and given the fact that I have not seen any of the previous movies I did not get a thing :s ....

But anyways for the sacred darkness of a movie theater I dont care about all the wasted money , I just LOVE IT :)

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Rain said...

you watched harry potter??I wanna watch it :( and it makes sense that I watch it because I actually watched the previous parts LOL!!