Monday, November 15, 2010

An evening saying the things that I hate to say

I spent this evening in Cafe Bar Manila watching a movie called Checkpoints thats supposed to be about the suffering of Palestinian people on checkpoints all along their land.

The movie goes for 80 minutes showing daily conversations between Israeli troops and Palestinian people trying to convince the troop to let him/her pass. It shows that if the Palestinian dude makes a good conversation with the troop then he would actually convince him to let him pass!!

So when the movie was over they asked if anyone would like to comment and I jumped almost involuntarily and talked how far from realism is the movie ,,, then there started one of the most boring conversations I would ever have ,,,

I t was a very good conversation , in which Rasha , a Palestinian guy who happened to be there and I cleared some vague ideas for the audience. But then they started the gay conversation of ''violence would not solve the problem''. Do they actually hear themselves when they talk?!! DO they think that Israel would be interested in any peace shit and do accept the solution of the two states?!!! Do they believe that talking would solve that? do they believe that a Zionist Jew Israeli troop who is designed to ''clean'' the world from arabs , whose entire existence is about his promised land and his chosen people would ever care about I have to say?!!

This kind of conversations normally pisses me off but I was calm along the way in order to let people ask and wonder and therefor liberate their minds from what TV tells them all the time ..

A girl participated in the conversation and she said : ''I am an Israeli'' and my mind went blank for a while ... she said that a relative of hers died in an attack and that the movie bothers her because it shows a bad face for Israel (AS if Israel has another one!!!) .

We told her that being a troop and pointing a gun at the heads of innocent people is not a job , she said that she decided not to serve in the army but it was a hard decision to make , and I was like '; what do you want now? a prize? a ''thanks for no killing my children'' award?
The girl was afraid , and she did not talk much (good for her , becuase I was on the mood to wipe the floor with whatever would make the face of Palestine look ugly).

A guy participated in the conversation too much and he was smart and responsible , he made some interesting questions, like ''What now? How do we solve this conflict?'' and I had one word in my head ''Struggle'' which is the English term for ''Jihad'' but people would not understand , or I might be deported from the entire country.

Antonio closed up the conversation, and thanked everybody for coming and we called the night. It was good , but having to ask for a permission to resist is just disgusting.

What do you know about Palestine? what do you know about what the people who has been mortified for the last 62 years? what do you know about losing your family and your money for the mere idea of being whom you are?! What do you know about this genocide?

Please dear World , if you dont know enough about Palestine , please have the decency to shut up.

Watch the movie , imagine if that was going on in your own city, how would it feel?

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Rain said...

Please dear World , if you dont know enough about Palestine , please have the decency to shut up.

OH MY GOD thank you!