Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yesternight I had a Dream

I was the weirdest dream (or maybe all dreams are weird?)

There is a teacher that I only met a couple of times. Lets just say that he has an amazing character (and lets leave it there) and in my dream he showed up , I was sitting in a bench and he came and sat next to me.

He spread one arm on my shoulder until his palm squeezed my elbow in the opposite side. Although I was dreaming but I could physically feel his palm and the heat that his body sent out towards mine.

We did not say anything, it was like I expected him and I knew he was coming , so when he came I did not rise or say anything , maybe I just nodded , and then he sat next to me and we shared the best silence anyone can ever dream of.

I dont know ,
Ever since I woke up I felt somehow frustrated. Human minds really work in mysterious ways.Why did I have this dream now? that intensely and about this specific person?

God , how much I long to having that significant silence,,I long 


rua said...

you really like this teacher ^-^
I think its a cool dream ;)

EvaLuna said...

It's funny how a persons mind sometimes comes up with things that your conscious self does not come up with ,,, maybe ,, allah a3lam :p