Saturday, July 7, 2012

When Friends Fall

I will try to write this entry with the least emotions possible. Just state what I believe and leave.

So , a friend of mine was telling me two weeks earlier that falling in love has no value nor respect in our society and that it is just practical and realistic to follow the social pattern, meet guys through the usual way -traditional marriages- and just get it over with because we are not gonna change the world.

Today I heard from a friend that she got engaged. She actually accepted a guy who just came to their living room and sat down telling them that he is looking for a bride ,, and Oh! what a coincidence they had one , and they are having a party to ''celebrate'' that on Friday.

I am not going anyway, because all my Fridays are in Irbed, but even if I could go I would not have gone because I dont like participating in social hypocrisy (when I have the choice of course). But what I am posting about is this: I accidentally saw a picture of me with this particular friend and I could feel it how I dropped her face from the picture! I stopped seeing her, and soon I will forget her name.

Now you wonder why? This is not anything too extremist , but it's something that the years have taught me. When friends fall for this social game, they are all thrilled the first two months (you know, they get to have a party and dress up, they have a groom who is also thrilled who takes care of her and gets her stuff) but after all this glamour is worn out , what do we get? a man and a woman stuck in a relationship that they have no idea why did it start and where is it going.

So we get a lot of drama.
Mostly girls feel alone and burdened with responsibility and soon they start running in the race of Husband/house/children and they get frustrated and they become a source of negative energy. That is: more drama.

So , and in spite of how selfish and mean this may sound, everyone has an enough load of drama in their life, so why bother about the drama of the lives of others, specially when they have come to this drama upon their own choice?!


w7l said...

Well...i guess we are subconsciously "trained" and our head was filled with the idea of a man coming to our living room and a girl sees him and next friday will be the engagment party, so when this happens in real life it will seem so right and logic to us , cuz -again- we raised on this idea , the girl is trained to dress,act,walk,talk in certain way when elma7roos comes , and same apply on elma7roos so after all it something in our nature , and when troubles happen later on life we just say it was a ad luck and nothing more ! I guess we r stupid ! Rnt we ?

EvaLuna said...

Maho 3ammak Carlin sho begollak? never underestimate the power of stupid people ... hassa mshan ma 7ada y7ess eno ensabb 3aleeh: Its just horrifying how many wrong things can look good when people accept them

rua said...

well , I think its her choice as well to get married traditionally.

some people cant fall in love easily and getting married through traditional way can be a perfect solution for them.

why judge her like that ? its ok for people to choose something you dont beleiev in ! not all people wanna fall in love , falling in love is sometimes if its not most of the times blinded !

there are many people who suffered from love , and love doesnt garuantee happiness!
sometimes couples can be happier with traditional marrigae!

I wanna marry someone I love but still I understand people who marry traditionally !

EvaLuna said...

I said that I what I believe is mean, but here am not judging, am just saying that when things go south I dont want anyone to expect my support. It is mean I know, but it happens each time! I try to convince them that this is something that they are gonna regret but nobody listens to me in the rush of that moment.

I respect everyone's choices when it comes to their lives, but i still cant understand who do people sacrifice their only chance to fall in love? really , how?