Friday, July 13, 2012

A Dream Coming True

It is late at night , I am tired and vaguely sad but I feel the urge to write.

Today Rasha and Noor Finally got engaged. Rasha was my room-mate in Spain and ever since she has been more than a friend to me, she is some kind of a dear dear sister.

I have known her since I was in my freshman year, and shortly after that Noor came along and he stayed ever since. We - the shelle- saw their love as it came to existence and as it flourished. We have been there all the way, we saw the little fights and we have witnessed the long way that they have crossed to meet in the middle.

A love story that had two responsible parties , who were aware of who they are and of their circumstances... a couple who waited for the right moment to come and when it came it was just perfect.

When I came back home from the engagement party my parents asked me why do I look sad. And as I sat down and thought to myself, I found out that I was going through severe agony ... I cant be that happy, it just troubles me and confuses me.

I am used to being jovial and to experiencing a normal dosage of happiness, but today as I heard the Sheikh recite the vows I had an intense amount of happiness that pressured my heart. I could not believe that after almost 5 years we got to that moment.

It is a ''moment''! A mere "yes" "I do" "I accept you" ... It's a second , yet it has justified all that waiting.

Seeing them all colourful and happy , and seeing the look in Noor's eyes as Rasha danced, my heart melted ,,, So this is how it feels when a dream comes true?

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Haitham Jafar said...

مبروك لصديقتك

يتهنوا إن شاء الله

بالنسبة للحظة تحقيق الأحلام أو أحدها.. لا أدري ما أقول في حق كنه الشعور ! شيء غريب و مشاعر متداخلة