Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Now What?

Today a girl I know who is as old as I am served me chocolate in celebration of three occasions: her graduation , her new job and her engagement.

Later while when I left and as I was staring outside the taxi window I thought to myself: no what? she has already accomplished all the things that we Jordanians long for, a diploma,  economical stability and a marriage. Now what? She still has -within average- 4o years to go, what is she going to do with them.

We were raised to think that this is what we want. This is ''safety'' and this is ''happiness".
But what do we do then? and what if - only what if- someone decides to seek happiness on different terms?


rua said...

you have many things to do more than that ... you among all should know that life doesnt stop there ...

she will have kids after that and then another dreamns yet to be created ! and maybe new dreams will be born !

this is how life works , this is how humans work !

AseelRaheem said...

you hit a nerve there.. what if someone decides to take a different path to pursue happiness.. I don't know and honestly don't care what definition society uses for the term "happiness".

All that I believe in is that happiness is a state of mind not a social status.

Marriage is no guarantee at all to happiness, Job will turn boring once you get used to it.. and a diploma isnt much of a big achievement now that everyone -whether they deserve it or not- can easily have it..

I may be wrong.. But no matter what path you choose, make sure to be the path YOU choose because YOU want it whether its marriage, a job or a higher education and Not forced by society or someone else.