Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mingling with Interpol and stuff :p

For the last three days I have been interpreting a conference in Marriot, and it was some serious stuff. A Conference organized by the Jordanian Anti-Corruption Commission and the Jordanian Interpol office along with representatives of Interpol and public securities from all over the world.

Mmmmm, I have a feeling that there is much to say about this experience.Well, lets start with the linguistic conquest. 
When they first called me for the conference I was so worried that I could not sleep. I felt that the topic was so hard and I thought I might just drown if I could not interpret. But alhamdulillah I managed perfectly , and I had the best interpretation partner Dr Moayad. He is calm, smart and gifted. I used to sit next to him as he interpreted and write down all the terms and the new vocabulary. I felt that I have learned in those 3 days more than all what I have learned in university after returning from Spain. 

The conference's topic was pretty interesting although it has flooded me with the sensation of vanity that conferences usually give me. You know, people in suits speaking seriously about topics that do not make life better directly. The conference was about a web that the Interpol has to connect all police bodies of the world in order to provide information about  the money that gets transferred after crimes of corruption. Cases like the case of Tunis and Egypt, when presidents were tumbled and the money they have stolen has disappeared. 

But yet there was a very interesting observation: Why did we go to Marriot to talk about corruption and the recovery of stolen assets? I could not stop thinking about that each time I looked at the fancy decorations, each time I ate from the fancy lunch buffet or even enjoyed a great cup of hot coffee. Why? All of that money, why?

I worked with a nice group, the other interpreters were fun to be around, and it is always nice to work with weirdos , they just enhance your human experience :p 

I got to sit silently writing and smoking in a very nice terrace alone with my coffee, and I got to live my Ammani experience from a new place , and that on its own is an amazing thing. 

Finally , I have to mention that interpretation is one of the main sources of adrenaline in my organism , it makes me happy and significantly more beautiful!!  

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