Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Great Amount of my Thoughts: Money!

It is not the "I wanna buy shoes and clothes money". But I recall reading a line in a novel many many years ago that got me to be always concerned about "being economically independent and relatively rich at some point of my life".

The line was in "Evaluna" my favourite novel of all times, and Ryad Halabi said to Evaluna: Quien paga manda. (The one who pays, rules).

I am not much of an economist or a business mind myself, I have antecedents of wasting money when I should have saved it , I tend to leave jobs that are not fulfilling on the personal and spiritual level and lets face it: I might never be rich as I intend to be , but at least I know that it's all about money and if I ever end up to be a low middle class person I would at least be happy with the jobs that I have taken ,,, Hopefully ;) 

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